About Us

storefrontACES was founded in 1987 by John and Ginger Lord.  We started out with only one 4-head machine, working from the garage of our home in Anaheim, California.  The business grew so much that in 1990, we added another 4-head machine and moved into an industrial shop in Santa Ana, California.

In the fall of 1994, personal family goals prompted us to move to Billings, Montana.  This decision led us to sell most of our southern California business and equipment to one of our major customers.  We started anew here with just one single-head machine in a small shop in downtown Billings.  Within 6 months, we found we had more business than we could handle, so we re-located to a larger shop behind West Park Plaza and purchased a 4-head machine.  By the end of 1996, we realized we had now outgrown this location and purchased our first building on Overland Avenue.  With the move-in complete in 1997, we had more space to add the additional equipment needed to meet the growing needs of our business.  By the end of 2001 we were operating 21 heads, with 14 employees, 20 hours a day.  But we were still growing...

In 2002 we realized we needed to add another 4-6 heads and 2 more employees to keep up with the demand for our products and services, but we were built-out and up to the rafters!  We started our plans to build across Overland Avenue and we're able to move in January 2003.  This building would allow us to expand to 25-27 heads immediately, with space to grow in the future.

Today we are busier than ever!  Still 14 employees, but operating 12 machines (41 heads), ten hours a day.  We have become Billings' full service embroidery company - offering embroidery and screen printing.  We've expanded our current location and now offer a larger showroom and screen printing area.  If you haven't stopped in lately, please do, we're excited to show you around.

We actively support the livelihood and community of the greater Billings area and look forward to growing along with this area.

Owner John Lord...  Working away on his secret identity.